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Commercial Door Repair

Fast Friendly and Professional repair service is really what you need for your door, and we repair them all!

With a huge parts inventory, required for every DooRRemedies truck on the road, chances are we have your part and the experience to make necessary repairs on the spot. That professional preparation, prior to the service call assures you of efficient, low cost service in a timely manner. Let DooRRemedies show you and your company how we use the 5 P’s to run our business: Door Remedies

  • Prior
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Poor
  • Performance!
That’s what you get every time you call DooRRemedies.

Call your DooRRemedies for a FREE, no obligation estimate on your next door repair. You’ll be pleased with our low prices and fast, professional service. 314.610.6125